The new issue of Hunter's Path is coming soon - you can expect this...and more:

  • New Cartoon from Haralds Klavinius
  • Jungle-Love, Ethiopia: The Last Somali Elephants, by Hans G. Schabel
  • Scotland: Grouse in the Heather, by Graham Downing
  • Alberta: Spot-and-Stalk Mule Deer, by Nick Trehearne
  • Gen. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck - a German General in Good old Africa, by Rolf Baldus
  • Michigan: Pigeon River ELK, by Jarrod Erdody
  • Alaska: Wolverine, by Billy Molls
  • Lithuania: When Roebucks Rut, by Bernd Kamphuis
  • How Much is Your Gun Really Worth, Salina Barr presents Holt´s Auctioneers
  • British-Columbia: Double-Downed Bison, by Chris Bergmann
  • New Zealand: A Photographer's Hunt - Capturing the Hunter's Spirit, by John Tsialos
  • Survive in Africa: Burning Sun and Dangerous Heat, by Douw Kruger
  • Great Britain: Snipe Shooting on the Outer Hebrides,  by Simon Barr
  • Australia: Bowhunting Australia's Most Elusive Deer, by Ben Salleras

Yeswehunt is offline. But the idea lives on.

Dear Yeswehunt Members,

As you have read in the latest Newsletter, Yeswehunt closed down on March 12, 2015.
Because Yeswehunt was our strong Partner in connecting travelling hunters, we will try to continue the exchange of the latest international hunting information through our magazines and social-media platforms in the future.
If you are not acquainted with our international Hunting Magazine, just order your personal copy below (just mention Yeswehunt) and be part of the network, that has been Yeswehunt until now.

Hunter's Path No. 9


Contents -

  • Dall-Sheep Hunting in Alaska with Billy Molls
  • Mountain Whitetails in Alberta with Nick Trehearne
  • Spear-Fishing in the Deep Blue with Cameron   Kirkconnell
  • Kodiak Hunting with Dr. Peter Koebisch
  • Survive in Africa with Douw Kruger
  • Learn About the Legendary European African Hunters with Dr. Rolf Baldus
  • Go Hunting with the Inuit with Simon K. Barr
  • Sheep Hunting with Bow and Arrow in British Columbia with Jake Adams
  • Follow Sten Christoffersson for Grouse Shooting in Scotland
  • Be Part of the Adventurous Mid-Asian Ibex-Hunt with Arnout Vandevyvere & Heiko Schwartz
  • And last but not least: Hunt a Steenbok in South Africa with Frank Berbuir (with Bow & Arrow)

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Hunter´s Path No. 8 


Discover the mystique of moose hunting, search for  water buffalo and go for a hunt in Namibia.


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New Africa-Picture-Book

This is the new Picture-Book about Africa by German Star photographer Brigitte Leuchtenberger






Bowhunting Mule Deer in South Dakota

Hunter´s Path Editor in Chief, Chris Eberhart, hunting Mule Deer in South Dakota with bow and arrow.
Hunter´s Path Editor in Chief, Chris Eberhart, hunting Mule Deer in South Dakota with bow and arrow.

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