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Hunter´s Path Nr. 16


Hunter‘s Path is a international hunting journal. Our hardcover books will provide you an interesting and exciting reading, once and again.


With every new edition we wants to bring you the entire experience and adventure of hunting.


This includes the intensely sublime beauty of nature, with a unique combination of real unaltered nature photography, exciting hunting stories, and important factual information.


We will bring you closer to that next hunt you are already dreaming of.


Hunter's Path is not just another hunting magazine. Our journal isn’t printed on cheap paper. Hunting is one of the most intense and beautiful experiences that a person can undertake and it deserves a high quality presentation. Therefore, we have decided to create an English language hunting journal based on the popular German journal "Jagdzeit".


Of all hunting enthusiasts, international hunters are a small, but economically powerful group. International hunters are part of a tight knit community of mutual understanding that forms a network which stretches to all corners of the globe.


We want to entertain you with the best that hunting has to offer from around the entire globe, comments, advice, history and more.


Hunting Globetrotters from all around the world are reading Hunter´s Path! Be part of this adventure!


Hunter‘s Path has a new edition four times a year! And our collectable books are available now. You can go to our shop and find the stories about the authors, places and animals that you are looking for!


Good hunting.


Real and unaltered nature photography

All around the world

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