What about hunting?

What do you think?

Who We Are

We are hunters. Yes, sure, the evidence suggest has been for more than two million years. Before the domestication of the livestock, the hunting helped with the development of the society. Our ancestors creating strategies for hunting, and they needed the production of stone tools too. Certainly our body maybe has not been modified to be a great hunter like tigers or lyons, but if there is a lack in power or speed, humans can compensate this with intelligence and with the ability to think one step beyond our prey.

We was probably frugivores or omnivores, but when our ancestors discovered that the meat was a very good source of energy, and, then when they eventually began to control the fire and prefer to eat the meat cooked than raw, that was a big step in our evolution.

Is all linked. One thing take to the next.


But if this is something that come happening for more than two million years, why there is some groups of people against hunters? why not against supermarket or butcheries where the meat is selling like any other article? It is strange how it seems that is better to hide the real process in the normal things of life. Is normal to eat, but they don´t want to see a dead animal, is normal to have kids but is so bad when the mother feed their baby in public, is normal to ignore so many topics but some fews are able to ask without fear.

We support the legal hunt and we believe that in every activity there is an opportunity to have a better world, just depends in how you act. Hunting take a lot of responsability, a lot of pasion, and a lot of time. But also, that could be a moment for share with your family, explore new landscapes, fill our fridge with good meat, meet some people and enjoy the nature just like our ancestors did it.


Good Hunting.

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