What hunting means?

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Chamois hunting

It seems to be the same activity, it seems that they sought to achieve the same goal. Some, especially those who are against it, see it as the simple fact of killing an animal, and although objectively, we could say that that happens, but, nevertheless, would not be a fair definition of what this activity represents for true hunters.
Hunting is an activity that is mostly transmitted by family, this means that it has an affective load, it is more than just fill the refrigerator with meat or get a trophy. The united family or some member of it, embarks on its journey in search of the goal that is to be made with an animal that has had a normal life, and then dies in relatively natural conditions, - speaking of animals of prey, where it is most likely that die by predators - but in addition there are inherently other things that go hand in hand: love of nature; what means to recognise how important is to maintain the habitats, because without it there is no hunting, respect; to know  from where comes what you eat and what it costs to obtain it, and the last but not less important  the rejoice to know that you reach and you are to the height of that challenge.
Not recognizing that the act of hunting is more rational and gives less suffering to the life of the animals than simply going to a supermarket and buying a piece of meat -knowing that the animal spent a life of suffering and torture- Seems almost unheard of, when the same ones who claim that we must eat meat because we are carnivores, claim that you can not hunt.
Let's support legal, fair hunting, do not look for easy paths like the so-called "canned hunting" nor promote hunting for endangered animals.

Be fair, be respectful and Follow the Hunter's Path.


By Carolina Armero.

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