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australia sambar stags hunting aaron grant

Hunter´s Path No. 07 (3/2014)


The Victorian high country is an expansive wilderness that is the home of magnificent Sambar stags. Hunting there is a true wilderness adventure that involves the long hikes, and carrying your camp on your back, hunting success is earned. Photo by Aaron Grant.

oregon mule deer elk jake adams danger


Remote back country hunting has both rewards and risks. By getting away from the crowds the chances for success increase, but when the author finds himself in the mids of a pack of wolves with only a bow and arrow in his hand things get interesting. Photo by Jake Adams.

bulgaria pristine forest wild boars mouflon


Hunting pristine forest in Bulgaria is like stepping back in time. The author and a good friend share an unforgettable experience hunting wild boars and mouflon in perhaps one of the finest hunting areas in Europe. Photo by Tweed Media.


british columbia ben salleras adventure

Hunter´s Path No. 08 (4/2014)

British Columbia

A journey deep into the wilderness of British Columbia is a dream come true for any hunter, but such an adventure is always full of surprises. Sometimes success comes only after facing adversity. Photo by Ben Salleras.

australia arnherm water buffalo


Arnherm Land in the NorthernTerritory of Australia is a true wilderness, and about as far away from the rapid pace of modern life as you can get. Standing face to face with a big water buffalo is something our author will never forget, but that is only part of the story. Photos by Arnout Vandevyvere.

estonia hunt moose graham downing


Driven hunts for moose are common in the far north of Europe. Our author travels to Estonia and joins some good friends for such a hunt. How often does hunting success come down to the final minutes of the last day? Photo By Graham Downing.

pronghorn antelope america colorado cody lujan

Hunter´s Path No. 9 (1/2015)


Pronghorn antelope are unique to North America and the fastest animals on the continent. They can vanish in clouds of dust when spooked. Join our author as he pursues the tri-colored speedsters on the rolling prairie of eastern Colorado. Photo by Cody Lujan.

ascension island kirkcornell james perrin yellowfin tuna

Ascension Island

Big game hunting isn´t necessarily limited to dry land. Take the next step and dive into the deep blue for a different kind of adventure. Do you have what it takes? Giant Yellowfin Tuna are the quarry that might just leave you breathless. Photo by Cameron Kirkcornell.

greenland snow inuit adventure


Greenland is the original land of ice and snow. An adventure in the unrelenting harshness in the Arctic Circle is simply unforgettable.The Inuit have survived there for thousands of years, and our author join them for a taste of life in one of the most extreme habitats on earth. Photo by Tweed Media.

alberta nick trehearn doityourself deer

Hunter´s Path No. 10 (2/2015)


Two friends set out on a do-it-yourself bowhunt for mule deer and face adversity almost inmediately. Was the hunt over before it even started? Overcoming a major obstacle leads to unexpected success.

Photo by Nick Trehearn.


roebuck lithuania hunts erick marek


Roebuck calling during the rut in late summer is one of the most exciting hunts imaginable. Calling roebucks takes skill, knowledge, and a bit of luck. Perfect timing in a fantastic hunting area leads to an unforgettable hunting adventure.

Photo by Erick Marek.

great britain taransay outer hebrides adventure

Great Britain

Just getting to the small island of Taransay in the Outer Hebrides is an adventure in itself. The stunning island and ocean scenery are alone worth the journey, but adding snipe shooting to the trip just enhances an incredible experience. Photo by Tweed Media

new zealand billy mols alaska tahr

Hunter´s Path No. 11 (3/2015)

New Zealand

Modern Day Mountain man Billy Molls, ventures to New Zealand from Alaska and nearly meers his march chasing tahr on the steep slopes of the South Island. Photo by Billy Molls.

new mexico bowhunting jake adams

New Mexico

Bowhunting Ibex in the Florida Mountains of New Mexico is considered one of the most challenging hunts in North America for a good reason. Photo by Jake Adams.

france luck french alps


Luck is sometimes earned. After two unsuccessful attempts our author finds hunting success on his third hunt in the French Alps. Photo by Tweed Media.

caprivi cape buffalo danger bernd kamphuis

Hunter´s Path No. 12 (4/2015)


Pursuing Cape Buffalo in the thick swamps of the Caprivi isn´t for the faint of hearth. Many dangers lurk in its dark waters, and you have to get very closed to be successful. Photo by Bernd Kamphuis.

new zealand mountains travel

New Zealand

The mountains of New Zealand are home to perhaps the best chamois hunting in the world. Our author shares his amazing experience that will have you packing your bags for that long flight to the island. Photo by Tweed Media.

tanzania hippos hunt ludwig siege exciting


Hunting hippos is a dangerous proposition. Some tribes however have specialized in just that. Join our author on an exciting hunt and learn about this amazing creature that is also known as a "freshwater whale"… Photo by Ludwig Siege.

oregon bighorn sheeps north america jake adams

Hunter´s Path No. 13 (1/2016)


Bighorn Sheeps are perhaps the most prized game animal in North America, and are usually associated with high altitude and a lot of climbing. Sometimes, however things are different. Photo by Jake Adams

buffalo danger hunt simon k barr south africa

South Africa

Learning from a true master of a craft is always a gift. Our author had that unique opportunity and then used his newly-gained knowledge on an incredible Cape Buffalo hunt. Photo by Tweed Media.

colorado mule deer cody lujan


Taking a young child hunting is always an adventure, mostly in ways not anticipated. This mule deer hunt in the Colorado high country is one that a father and son will never forget. Photo by Cody Lujan.

scotland survive unexpected

Hunter´s Path No. 14 (2/2016)


If you suddenly found yourself stranded, could you survive? Our author digs deep on a hunt with an unexpected twist. Photo by Tweed Media.

zambia hippos hunting danger


Hippos are among the most dangerous animals in the world. Hunting them with a longbow certainly isn´t for the faint-hearted. Photo by Ludwig Siege.


The water buffalo and banteng of the Outback draw hunters from around the world. Join our author on his exciting adventure in the dusty Down Under. Photo by Roland Zobel.

eurasian bear hunting

Hunter's Path Nr.16 (4/2016)


Pursuing Eurasian brown bear in Northern Sweden is an exciting adventure, no matter the outcome. 

Photo:Tweed Media

New Mexico deer hunting


South of the border means many things. For some it means the finest Coues deer hunting in the world.

Photo: Larry L. Weishuhn.


British Columbia hunting goats

British Columbia

Father and son hunts are always something special. Climbing high for some mountain goats is an unforgettable experience for this father and son team.

Photo: Chris Bergmann.