Hunter´s Path is made by real Hunters

Always new stories written by different hunters, who will make you enjoy various forms of hunting, depending on the method and place.

Chris Eberthart.


Hunter, Writer, Photographer and Interviewer.

United States.

Erica Forsyth.

Huntress, Writer and Photographer.


"Keep the wild in your heart, make everyday count."

Cody Lujan.

Hunter, Writer and Photographer.

United States.

Bernd Kamphuis.

Hunter, Writer, Interviewer and Photographer.


Billy Molls

Hunter, Writer and Photographer.

Modern day mountain man.

Simon K. Barr.

Hunter, Writer and Photographer.


Heiko Schwartz.

Hunter. Writer, Photograper and Interviewer.


Roland Zobel.

Hunter, Writer and Photographer.


Douw Kruger.

Motivational Speaker, is also a trained Farrier and Veterinary Orderly. He regularly writes articles for wildlife magazines and serves as a Consultant Wildlife Expert for natural history/survival television productions.

South Africa

Friedrich Martin Lippmann.

Hunter, Writer and Photographer.

Sebastian Steinbrink-Minami.

Hunter, Writer, Photographer and Filmmaker,

Dr. Rolf D. Baldus.

Hunter, Writer and Photographer.

Has worked in the Selous Game Reserve, the Selous-Niassa-Wildlife-Corridor and with the Wildlife Management Areas around the Selous for 13 years. He is regarded as one of the major authorities on the Selous.