This hunting knife is made of 420 steel. The blade has the optimal shape for breaking up. The handle consists of fine root wood, the pommel of brass. The knife will be delivered with a leather sheath in an attractive gift box.

Weight:                    130g

Length:                    21 cm

Length of blade:      9 cm

Length of handle:  11 cm


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Jagdzeit-Knife 2013

Our Jagdzeit-knife of the year 2013  was made by the Austrian gunsmith Kurt Pritz.


Specifications Jagdzeit-knife 2013:

Limited edition : only 11 pieces available , number on the blade.

Handle made of stabilized maple, patched V2A-steel jaws

Width of blade :         4mm

Blade steel:                  Bohler N685 ( Surgical Steel )

Rockwell Hardness:  58-60 Rockwell

Weight:                         226 g

Blade Length:             10,5 cm

Total length:               23 cm

Leather sheath made of black saddle leather


Each knife comes with certificate of authenticity in a gift box.

Price: Jagdzeit-subscribers : EUR 999 , others : 1790 euros.


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1